Thursday, 19 September 2013

Michelle Obama's Pearls

Michelle Obama's Pearls. It is official Michelle Obama loves her pearls and there is no doubt that she knows how to pair them with the right outfit to give her that killer sexiness. As a First Lady, looks are important because she represents all the women who want to not only look good by excersising but also to look their best. The Pearls have become her signature look as she pairs them with everything, from official attire to suits, evening dressess and even just trousers.
The pearls can either be single or double strands depending on how she chooses to wear them. They also come in various colors and even mix and match. Like for instance at the Presidential debate she dressed up her simple sheath dress with a pearl necklace that was itself accessorized with flowers. Campaigning in Chicago she wore a red skirt suit that looked fabulous on her paired with cute elegant pearl necklaces. A simple strand of pearls look great won her and she complimented her turquoise dress with a brightly colored pearl necklace. Pearls lend a classic touch to any outfit and Mrs Obama is a classic lady who looks classic in them. Check out some of her other looks with her pearls on. Be Inspired!

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