Saturday, 14 September 2013

Have fun with the High-Low Skirt trending right now

The high low trend has been seen in a lot of clothing pieces like t-Shirts, dresses and even skirts. The High Low style infuses classic era fashion meets modern day woman who want to look flawless and fun. Today I will feature High-Low Skirts. These pieces come in various materials but the most famous and popular is chiffon since it brings out the tender sexiness of the skirt.
The High-Low skirt can either be short or look like a maxi skirt sweeping all the way to the floor the only difference being that the front of the skirt is shorter than the back of it. Pair your High-Low skirt with a blazer or even just a plain tee. The shoes can be wedges for a fun day our or even flats. Fore a polished look opt for a High –Low skirt that has a singe color but you can be adventurous with the accessories and shoes.
Check out some looks that you can borrow and try out. The only rule is…there is no rule for wearing the High-Low Skirts.

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