It's BOW TIE season! The bow tie head band trend

The bow tie headband is trending on the streets of Nairobi and else where in the fashion quarters. The bow used to be an accessory that was tied around baby girls to make the look more cute  but now it has become a fashion accessory for women of all ages. The Bow tie head band can be of any material either silk, cotton or even woolen. The bow tie has evolved making it a very welcome accessory in most grown women's closets. The bow can either include a band that it is attached to or it can be just the bow with a clip on that you can use to attach to your hair. Whether braided, or plain hair the bow tie head band can be used to add a pop of color to an outfit or just add that little cuteness to a sexy look. The bow tie head band especially looks great on an Afro hairstyle but as with fashion its all about your personal look. So enjoy the bow tie trend as it is the hot trend at the moment!

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