Suri Cruise Mini Fashion Icon

Suri Cruise the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is a Mini Fashion Icon in her own right. She has appeared in the lists of the best dressed celebrities, she is the most photographed celebrity baby and now child plus she wore her first "high" heels before she even turned seven years old.
The little fashion foward child has been setting trends with clothes that she wears on any one occassion becoming an instant hit in the world and beyond. Her personal style is cute yet trendy and fashionable. Evey outfit she wears just exudes confidence and her own personality. She is her own person and has been known to choose her own outfits. Being a best dressed celebrity needs one to maintain a certain aura and pizzazz and that is exactly what Suri Cruise exudes. Her fashion sense is princess meets the elegant lady, her future in fashion is as bright as the star that shines around her.
Even grown ups can get a sense of inspiration from her outfits. Here are some of her outfits for you to judge, but as we all know fashion is as personal as your finger prints. What do you think about Suri's Fashion and Style?

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