Monday, 24 June 2013

The Houndstooth Fashion is still buzzing

Get in touch with the Hounds Tooth fashion that is still trending. For that classic feminine and elegant look for a day out, to the office or even on a date make your statement in this bold style. The Houndstooth Fashion can be as little as you prefer or you can go all out on the way you wear it. This trend can be on your shoe, a simple scarf, hat or even jewellery. For the bold you can wear a full dress or match the design from your shoe to your purse. For a simple look you can just carry a Houdstooth fashion clutch bag or have the deign painted in on your finger nails. Whatever your style the Hounds Tooth Fashion is a touch of the classic old mixed and refined to create an elegant and sexy style that suits all personalities and styles. Have fun pairing it with bold colors or opt to have a part of it in your outfit. Either way this trend is a must have in your wardrobe. Even men can pull the Houdstooth Fashion trend without effort. Let out the fashionista in you and rock this look.

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