Michelle Obama in Stripes

Michelle Obama looks great in any outfit she wears. This year's trends have seen the stripped look come back and since she is stylish lady, She looks quite good in this stripped look. The trick with stripes is you have to be careful not to over do it or else you end up looking too busy and out of place.
For stripes you can have a portion of the outfit with a single line or two of stripes or you can have stripes from top to bottom.
The stripes can be vertical or horizontal but caution needs to be taken when choosing the pattern for the stripes. If you are really tall and slim avoid vertical stripes as they will make you look elongated and taller than you really are, on the other hand if you are full figured avoid horizontal stripes as they will make you to appear larger than your real size.
Either way if you can pull off both horizontal and vertical stripes, have fun experimenting with color, texture a mix of several colors and even designs. Just pick a fashion idea from the First Lady and you can never go wrong or regret coming out of the house. As you can see whether it is state functions, dinner, a day out with the family or on official business stripes are a wonderful, sexy and elegant fashion style.
Stripes can be a full dress, a skirt or just a blouse, even a stripped scarf would suffice. Trust Michelle, she knows what looks good and knows how to work it!


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