Eye wear Fashion: Geek Glassess

Geek glasses back in way recently, but this fashion trend is not as simple it looks to master. Here are a few guidelines for you to notice along the way.
When buying your geek/nerd glasses, make sure they fit your face. Know your face whether it is round, square, oval or sculpted. Try out several shapes so that you have the perfect fit for you.
Your outfit can also determine the color, type and shape of the geek glasses. Fashion dictates that as you walk out in your geek glasses you look the part and feel wonderful in your complete outfit.
Don’t be frightened to mix geek glasses with other styles as well. Urban, Hip­pie, Prep­pie, Rock, animal design, or frame less, whatever your taste and likes, the glasses will work for you.
Whatever the occasion, geek glasses can be worn with style and you can keep it fresh, sophisticated, classy and nerdy.
Both men and women can rock this look. For men the geeky glasses look looks great when worn with a bow tie and v-neck cardigans
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