Trend Alert – Suspender Tights

Trend Alert – Suspender Tights. From superstar Rihanna, and now even Selena Gomez, have both been spotted rocking the look of suspender tights. A sexy high fashion look that seems as if it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I admit that this is one trend I definitely want to try, but I will have to wait until the right time to do so. You definitely can’t wear suspender tights everywhere. For those won’t don’t already know, this trend was very popular a few years ago in Europe, and it looks like it’s now making its way to the states. To pull off this trend layers is really key. Pair this look with a blazer, or sweater to add bulk to the top of your body. Finish the looks by wearing the tights and pairing it with a short black skirt, or tweed shorts. Solid colors will draw less attention. It’s really a fun trend to try, and the best places to wear it would include on a date with your boyfriend, ( don’t wear it on a first date because the guy might not get your style) , a night out with the girls, clubs, or simply trip to the movies. Just be sure not to wear this look to family dinners or church settings. Look below to see how both stars are rocking the trend, plus others ways you can wear it. Can’t wait to see what others celebs will join in on it.

I will leave you to be the judge of this trend...great look or wouldn't be caught dead in it?

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