The Best Fashion Movies

I love fashion and watching fshion movies, programes or series that are about or feature fashion is one of my favourite things to do so here is a list of the best fashion movies, it not conclusive because there will be more fashion movies created or some that have been left out.
The list is courtesy of . If you have more you can add too. I haven't watched all of them but now that i have the list i can go and buy to watch.
One gest fashion inspirations from various sources and movies like these have lots of ideas and fashion items that you can either buy or get ones like them.
Fashion is all about your mind and what makes you inspired, there are no strict rules about how to like your fashion. Simply know what works for you, is appropriate for your body size, height, shape, skin tone and even
For instance you can wear sky high heels to elongate your legs and make your back leaner.
Wear minimal jewellery that blends with the outfit you are wearing so that it does not compete with it.
Fashion...It's all in your imagination's hands...!

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