Beach essentials for women

When going to the beach either on holiday or just a day out with your family or friends, it is important to have the right clothing for that day out. The beach is usually accompanied with a light mood so do not be over dressed or under dressed for that matter.
Beach wear is essentila in order to not only fit in with the crowd but also to feel comfortable woth yourself as you dip yourself in the water or just lay out under your umbrella to enjoy the scenery and relax your self.
For women the following are must have items when going to the beach;

  • Bathing suit
You can choose to wear a one piece or two piece swim suit. It just depends with how much you are willing to show off at the beach. For those who are a tad bit conservative, there are those swim suits that come with a tiny skirt fitted at the waist to cover part of your thighs. When choosing color, choose the brightest after all it is a sunny day out and you do not want to look too serious in dull colors like black or dark blue, but thereare no rules just have whatever makes you comfortable  and be ready to have some fun

  • Wide brimmed hat
The wide brimmed hat should primarily be made of straw or linen but not a must. The hat is to protect you from the sun's glaring rays and also to help you to keep cool under it's shade, the bigger and more dramatic the better, after all you are not just going to the beach to relax but also to show your sense of style!

  • Sunglasses
Protecting your eyes from the sun can be as important as protecting yourself from a sunburn.
Studies have shown that too much exposure to sunlight can lead to macular degeneration, cataracts, or even other growths, such as cancer, later in life.
So get your best sunglasses out and keep the sun's glare away while still looking cool. You can choose normal glass-made sunglasses or you can go for the stylish plastic ones to match or contrast with your beach wear.

  • Flip flops
It is obvious that you cannot walk on the sandy beaches with closed or high heeled shoes. It is imractical and just plain cluelessness. Flip flops come in varieties or colors, make like wood, plastic, sisal and even rubber. For being on the beach go all out in the brightest and most decorated if you like, still you do not have to make a fashon statement with flip flops, whatever iscomfortable and available is perfect. Flip flops give your feet a chance to breath after being in closed shoes for a whole week or so.

  • Beach Bag
This is where you will carry all your essentials from your bikini/swim suit, sunglassess, lotion and sunscreen, shoes and any other thing you may need. Go for a reasonably big bag that can carry all those necessities. But do not have an oversize bag that may give you a hard time when transporting your stuff. It should just be enough to hold the little details of beach wear without the excess strain on you.

  • Sunscreen
Getting a sunburn, or sun damage, is not pleasant so make sure all of your skin is properly covered before heading to the beach. Most people with dark skin tend to think that they do not need sunscreen when they are out in the sun, but this is not true, we all need to protect ourselves from the harmful and harsh UV rays which cause wrinkles and cancer.  Apply hgenerously to every part of your body that is exposed while out on the beach

  • Beach/ Sun umbrella
If the beach will not have it's own sun umbrellas ensure that you carry your own to keep cool under that shade so that you do not get exhaustion and sun burnt which will end up ruining your planned fun time at the beach.

  • Beach coverup scarf
This is for those who are not comfortable walking around the beact in tiny bikinis or you just want to addstyle to you loook. A scarf or sarong is tied at the waist sideways to give a bit of mystery as it allows others to just see a portion of your bare skin while making you look stylish.

This is not a complete list as you might need other things that I have not mentioned. The only essential item that is a must when going to the beach is...a SMILE! without that, then you might as well stay at home. The beach is all about having fun, laughing and getting wet.
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