Monday, 6 February 2012

Stunning Maxi Dresses For Summer

The maxi dress is the outfit to have especially during spring and even summer time, they come in a variety of colors, designs, length and even the material. Flora ls are especially in since they exude freedom and playfulness.
Wear with light sandals as the dress will most likely be too long to show off your shoes. Accessorize with beaded jewellery or a single piece of silver or even gold necklace or bracelet.
Though there are some Maxi Dresses that can be worn with nice stiletto or high heels if you are short and want to get some height.
The best thing about Maxi Dresses is that they look fabulous in any body type so you do not have to worry about how the dress will look on you if you are thin, average of full figured.

There are some tips on wearing maxi dresses-
1. If you opt for maxi dresses that fit around the waist, you are definitely opting for a pulled together look.
2. As maxi dresses typically voluminous in nature, to add height to your look you may wear these dresses with high heels. Kitten or ballet flats are strictly no for maxi look. You may end looking dull, plain or unfashionable.
3. Wearing maxi dress, which starts smaller at the top and then flows away from the body in alphabetic ‘A’ shape at the lower end is perfect for those who want to minimize the appearance of wide hips. In brief, you may end up looking smaller.
4. Chunky jewellery and oversized bags complements oversized appearance of maxi look. Delicate or intricate jewelleries never can be perfect for flowing maxi look. attention
5. If you look fragile or opting for delicate look, miniature or smaller prints is what you need most.
6. Bandeau style is there to balance out a larger figure. If you are opting for those dresses in bandeau style, you are minimizing your larger figure.
7. A woman with larger figure should never go for regular dress straps as it might give her unwanted upward from others only.
8. Colors are also a matter while wearing maxi dresses. Women generally prefer aqua, green blue, purple, yellow and even bright red to any colored maxi dresses.
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